Ukraine-German innovation project
between City partners Freiburg-Lviv
Implementation of Germany's Best Innovation Practices on Green Technologies and Energy Efficiency in the RYASNE Region
Take over innovative experience of the city of Freiburg, which is one of the best energy efficient and greened cities in Germany, and on the example of one street show the importance of implementation "green innovation".

A concept that will be developed and applied on the example of one street should be applied in the future in other parts of the city.
In future, it is planned to create a concept for the energy-saving borough using the best and most proven practices of our western partners.

What is the essence of the project?
The active phase of the Project's implementation began in August 2018, after receiving financing to the city of Lviv. The project should involve residents of the district, condominiums and local authorities.
Energy Audit in schools under the ISO 50001 standard
The energy audit of schools and kindergartens of neighborhoods Ryasne, Ryasne-2 is carrying out.Through this audit, it will be clear what energy-efficient measures need to be taken by schools and how much it will cost. After discussing the results of the audit with German colleagues from Freiburg, a decision will be made to finance these activities.
LED illumination
Already purchased modern lighting fixtures based on LED technology for installation in the school № 38. Lamps will be installed in the near future.
The development of design and budget documentation for the reconstruction of the street lighting system is ongoing on the street Velichkovsky.

Energy lessons in schools
Schools in the microdistrict carry out "Energy Schools" - lessons for children of environmental and energy efficiency, in which pupils learn to save energy, care about the environment, and carry out energy audits of their own homes on the example of the school in search of inappropriate energy use. To carry out these lessons and increase motivation among pupils, special equipment will be provided.
Video surveillance is installed to improve the safety of children in the secondary school # 38.
of the heating system
In order to demonstrate energy-efficient residential solutions, in a typical multistory building at the address street Velichkovsky, 2 will be installed individual heating point.
for street. Velichkovsky
The development of design and budget documentation for reconstruction of the street lighting system is ongoing on the street Velichkovsky.
Meanwhile in four schools in the microdistrict Ryasne, a power audit has already been carried out according to the ISO 50002 standard
Energy-saving lessons have already taken place in the following schools: №100, №38, №92 and №94. The lessons involve 15 to 20 pupils in grades 7-8.

The children received special suitcases with instruments, which measured the temperature in the class, analyzing its change during the day, determining the temperature between the outer and inner walls in the room, also used a luxmeter, a device that measures the lighting in the room.

It is also worth noting that the children record the meter readings at the school every day and bring them to the uMuni system, which is located in the Lviv city council, and which is connected to all municipal institutions.

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