Formal visit of Freiburg group to Lviv

During the visit to Lviv, a delegation from Freiburg, which also included representatives of the project "Ryasne - Green Technologies", took part in the "Lviv Eco Forum 2019", which took place on September 12-13.
This year's forum focused on water conservation, climate change, waste management and the transition to renewables.
In particular, Klaus Hoppe, a consultant on municipal structures for sustainable urban development, climate protection and waste management in Freiburg, took part in a discussion on the establishment of municipal waste management systems and organic waste management on the example of Germany.
The representative of the municipal company Badenova, Richard Tus, spoke about the company's experience in the field of water policy, the company's innovations in this area.
 During the panel discussion on "Transition to 100% Renewables", the project coordinator, freelance advisor to the Lviv mayor on energy efficiency and energy supply, Roman Ruwinski, spoke not only about Germany's achievements in this area, but also about the contribution of the project in gradual transition of the residential district Ryasne to use of energy saving technologies.
In particular, the replacement of old street lighting with new energy-saving lamps in schoolyards and along Velychkovsky Street, the reconstruction of the heating system in an apartment building on Velychkovsky Street using innovative technologies, the installation of a thermostat in the school-lyceum №38, as well as creating a basis for further changes due to energy audits of schools, design and estimate documentation for the reconstruction of the heating system in the school-lyceum №38, the formation of energy awareness in students through the introduction of Energy Lessons   
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