Reconstruction of the heating system in an apartment building on Velichkovsky Street, 2

As of November 2019, the first stage of the reconstruction of the heating system in the apartment building at Velichkovsky Street, 2, has been completed, namely, carrying out activities on the installation and starting of individual heat unit with automatic hydraulic balancing valves at supply pipe of the heating system. Due to this, the heating system works very efficiently and there is a smooth distribution of heat throughout the building.
It is expected that in the framework of the project there will be installed bypasses and thermostats on each battery of the building, which will regulate the flow of heat transfer fluid, as well as each radiator will be equipped with a digital heat distributor for the apartment heat counting according to individual consumption.
At the same time, there is a constant communication with the residents of the building by holding meetings and discussing all the next steps.
Thus, on the example of an apartment building on Velichkovsky Street, 2 it is planned to demonstrate clearly the possibilities of qualitative and effective reconstruction of the heating system even in the conditions of an apartment building, where the heating is supplied centrally by one-pipe vertical distribution system.
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